Works in Progress

Works in Progress:

Redemption-The Kithran Regenesis #5

Untitled-Crux Survivors #3

WAR OF ATTRITION (Paranormal romance/Urban Fantasy/Succubus M/F…possibly M/M F because one character is sneaky. )

THE PRUVIAN FALLOUT  (Futuristic/Alien race/Survival M/F )

ALLOY (Kick Ass Urban Fantasy-oh yeah, baby! M/F )

THE CORN MOTHER (Yeah, that title will change-but a sexy, wounded cop inherits a farm and the tenant everyone calls the Corn Mother. He’s expecting a hag…she’s anything but. Paranormal contemporary stand alone. M/F )

STARTING FROM SCRATCH-Working title of a fun, sexy gay for you m/m romance novella.


  1. I really like the sound of all these wonderful characters and diverse plots. Can’t wait to read how you’ve used them to add spice to the…well…spice. lol.

  2. Heading out to buy “After the Crux” after i saw the deadly dames post today Thank-you for the spicy writing. Looking forward to your future releases

  3. just wanted to say how much i love your crux series. just finished sole survivor and read it in one sitting. please tell me you are working on tripp , cadmar & mackensie’s story next. please, please , please. anyways loved the kithran regenesis just as much. lol. cant wait for more, you are a very talented writer, keep up the good work.

    1. Thank you so much for telling me this. It was the best Sunday morning wake-up! Yes, I am doing a story about Tripp, Cadmar and Mac. I have several more stories planned in the Crux world and one more in the Kithran world after Origin comes out in April. That could change if the series starts getting more fans because I could write in the Kithran world forever. 😉

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