Who is Dani?

Welcome to my site! I won’t be blogging daily, but I will be keeping this updated with new releases, finished books or any other news that might be interesting. I have excerpts up on the home page.

So, who is Dani?

2014-03-24 10.16.31A writer who loves to explore the boundaries of new worlds, love, desire or anything else that strikes my fancy. Good stories make life fun! I’m currently writing erotic romances set in post-apocalyptic, science fiction and contemporary settings. I like threads of paranormal and urban fantasy. Some of my stories will have pairs and some will have three–Love is Love. 🙂

I currently have a sexy space opera novella series and a sexy post-apocalyptic novella series out with Samhain Publishing.

I’ve lived in some crazy places but currently reside in the southwest and I’m represented by Miriam Kriss of the Irene Goodman Agency.

Contact me at daniworthbooks@gmail.com


Dani Worth is the pen name I use for my erotic books. It’s actually part of my middle name and part of my husband’s. 😉 I also write urban fantasy, romance and young adult under my own name, Rinda Elliott. To learn more about those you can visit me at http://www.rindaelliott.com or http://www.deadlinedames.com.


  1. Dani,

    I was just browsing the web and somehow your Kithra book came up as a result. I just read it and I was wondering who your publisher is. Have you ever considered Baen?
    Toni Weisskopf is a lovely lady and the bar flies would love your books too.
    You’d fit right in.


    Edwin Bahten (aka leaperman)

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