The Kithran Regenesis Series

Space Opera Romance Series


“Clay & Anders have this unique type of chemistry. It’s like a live wire strung throughout the book just waiting to singe and scorch you to your bones. Well, Siri sees this right away and vows that she owes it to them to find out why they refuse to be together. Gut-punching feels ensue and I die a bit more knowing how wrong it is that they were not always together.” From a fun review of ORIGIN! Read the full review here.

“This is the kind of MMF book I love to come across. There’s tension building between the guys. Small touches. Significant looks. Angst. It’s all building up to the moment they let go. I knew it would be hot and loved every minute of it. These guys are so so sweet when it comes to Siri, also. She needed that after what she’d been through.” Full review at Long and Short Reviews.

CATALYST “This is the third installment (and hopefully NOT the last) of the Kithran Regenesis Series. Each one of these book has gotten better and better, so I can only imagine how good the 4th one will be.” Lee from My Secret Romance Reviews. Full review of all three Kithran books to come! Catalyst review on Goodreads here. )

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These are lined up in the right order, but here’s a quick list.

Mutiny-free short story featuring characters from Kithra

KITHRA (The Kithran Regenesis Volume 1) SAMHAIN PUBLISHING Released 11/15/2011

Spaceship captain Lux Moyans is currently piloting missions for The Company–exploring new galaxies, searching for the next precious metal. When her second-in-command, Kol Frega, informs her they’ve been ordered to Kithra, she’s furious. A year on an uninhabitable planet? She’ll only be flying on supply missions! But the ship–the one Kol designed–is the only one that can withstand the planet’s gases…and Lux is one of the few pilots who can navigate the debris fields caused by the explosions that killed most of the planet’s Gwinarian race.

Kol is the engineer who originally learned to manipulate the indestructible metal on Kithra, so he and a surviving Gwinarian will be her only company on planet. When they pick up Egan Lothbrun, Lux knows there will be trouble. Already something is brewing with Kol and her attraction to both men would be a problem with anyone else. But Lux doesn’t do exclusives. Yet, when she learns Kol and Egan share a painful past, she realizes getting Kithra livable won’t be her only challenge. Keeping her heart intact might be harder.

Some random quotes from reviews!

“This is a fantastic, entertaining story with a lot of emotional turmoil simmering underneath all the heat.” From Scorching Book Reviews. FIVE STAR REVIEW!!
“It is an emotional story about 3 individuals who are afraid to love and learn to find trust, acceptance, and compassion within each other. I would recommend this book and will be looking forward the next book in the series that follows.” From Lush Book Reviews.
“This is a Science Fiction romance with heart. Yes, there is steamy sex, a feisty heroine, two sexy heroes, alien technology and a very, very large bed. However, there is also a touching story of three people who are afraid to love again. This is a story of forgiveness, acceptance, and compassion. I hope Dani Worth continues to share her words in this genre. I truly enjoyed Kithra and look forward to her next story.” Brenda Hyde
REPLICANT (The Kithran Regenesis, Volume 2) SAMHAIN PUBLISHING Release date 4/17/2012!

When a bounty hunter returns to her destroyed planet on the hunt for an escaped alien, the last thing she expects to find is love.Jarana Gothbrun is the number one Tracker in the galaxies, famous for tagging Replicants—shape-shifting aliens who can take on humanoid forms once they have someone’s DNA. She has two more Replicants to catch in her current job, ones who escaped from a high-security prison planet. Unfortunately, one of them is currently on her home planet, Kithra. She hasn’t been back since a Replicant kidnapped her and took her off planet prior to its destruction.

Maska is engaged to Erik, who has no idea the love of his life is an escaped prisoner. Or male. When Jarana uses an untested device to force Maska’s shift to his native form, it puts him in danger and pisses off everyone on the planet. Her plan to fly in and out with her prisoner is put on hold as she has to deal with the people who’ve come to love Maska. Not to mention her own grief at the destruction of Kithra…and everyone she loved.

Product Warnings

Contains an angsty and sexy gender-bending alien, a confused, angsty and sexy human and an angsty too-tough heroine. Lots of sexy loving and oh, did I mention the ANGST?

Random Review Quotes:

“I just want to keep saying  ‘love it, love it, love it – everyone needs a copy of this book!’ over and over again for this review.” Vicky from Scorching Book Reviews. ( Full Five Star Review Here!)
“Book 2 of the Kithran series. I am totally hooked with this series and I recommend it highly!” Mary’s Naughty Whispers (Full Five Star Review Here!)
“So fiery, emotional, heartbreaking…oh and lets not forget sexy as hell!” Marissa on Goodreads. (Full Review)

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Mutiny-one of my free Vignettes stories is set here in the timeline. 5k story featuring Lux, Kol and Egan.

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CATALYST (The Kithran Regenesis, Volume 3)

A woman seeking answers, a younger man seeking love, and an older man seeking revenge must work together to achieve all of their goals…

The Kithran Regenesis, Book 3

Vala Gorun’s family was off Kithra when the explosions happened and although she’s back on her home planet helping with the rebuild, something she saw all those years ago still haunts her. So she hires a Tracker to find the human man she’d once loved—one she thinks betrayed her in the worst possible way.

In order to stop the search into his past, Jackson Canfield sends space pirates to kidnap the Tracker. He can’t afford to be found. Not now, when his revenge is almost complete. Unfortunately, instead of the Tracker, the pirates grab Vala and a young Gwinarian man instead.

Trapped on a pirate vessel with Bastian Sithbrun, a ridiculously attractive but younger man, Vala fights her attraction. But something about the twenty-year-old gets to her… But when the pirates leave them the unwilling guests of the very man she’d driven crazy with her teen crush all those years ago, Vala learns Jacks has been in hiding, working to right a horrible wrong.

Now the three of them must work together to reveal the truth behind Kithra’s destruction—if they can control the explosive passion that erupts between them long enough to complete their task.

Product Warnings

A tattooed, broken-hearted heroine discovers M/M/F love is crazy hot when not fighting giant alien lizards or worrying about age differences. And when the senses are narrowed to touch alone behind a massive waterfall? It’s scorching!

Random Review Quotes:

“And last but not least, you weave in some of those unique & fabulous characters from previous books, and you get… my love, devotion and undivided attention forever! LOL OR – a stunning, uncontested combination for a thrilling and extremely erotic story!!” Marissa at Goodreads. (Full 4.5 star review here.)

“Sometimes eagerly awaited books don’t manage to live up to my mental hype but this one certainly delivered.” (Full B+ review at The Bookpushers here!)

“This is the third installment (and hopefully NOT the last) of the Kithran Regenesis Series. Each one of these book has gotten better and better, so I can only imagine how good the 4th one will be.” Lee from My Secret Romance Reviews. Full review of all three Kithran books to come! Catalyst review on Goodreads here. )

“Dani Worth has created a beautifully colourful world with amazing strong characters that you just can’t help be drawn in to. I loved this book just as much as the others in the series and as I’m sure you can guess I can’t wait to read the next one!” Vicky from Scorching Book Reviews. ( Full FIVE STAR review here!)

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Coming April, 2014!

In the race for freedom—and love—there’s no holding back.

Origin, The Kithran Regenesis, Book 4

After fourteen torturous years as a slave on a galaxy roving entertainment ship, Siri carries only vague memories of parents who loved her, Gwinarian food, and her beautiful home planet of Kithra.

When two space pirates burst into her owner’s room, the choice they offer her is all too easy: stay and face government questioning about the two intruders, or take a chance and go with them.

Claybourne and Anders had planned to help expose the pleasure ship owner’s involvement in Kithra’s destruction. But when they happen upon Siri, saving one of the last—and most beautiful—of the Gwinarian race takes precedence.

 Siri tastes freedom long denied…and temptation to succumb to the deep sexual tension vibrating between her and her two liberators. Clay and Anders take pleasure in letting her take the lead in rediscovering the power of intimacy.

But there are more secrets to uncover, and Siri senses that the closer they come to the truth, the closer she comes to the most painful choice of all—to let her pirate lovers go.

Warning: Sexy human space pirates. An acerbic-tongued crew. A beautiful wounded alien woman. M/M/F sparks galore, and interplanetary intrigue.

Some review quotes:

“Origin was a very enjoyable installment in Worth’s Kithran Regenesis series. I loved seeing it expanded beyond the length of a novella because she was able to include so much more character development, mystery, and world building outside of a ship, Kithra, and a port or two. I thought Clay and Anders’ story was well worth waiting for and Siri’s inclusion just perfect. She was a reminder that even before the sabotage, life wasn’t entirely idealic for the Gwinarians. Worth’s Kithran Regenesis series continues to provide me adventure, space, daring piloting, mystery, vivid scenery and characters, and some rather hot relationships. I can’t wait to see what comes next.” (Full A review from The Bookpushers HERE.)

“You know when you’re in one of those awful reading funks where nothing sounds good and everything quickly becomes boring? Well, I recommend this series as the perfect remedy to smack you right off that funk train. Sensually enticing, heart wrenching feels, luscious three-way loving, all topped with intergalactic intrigue! *SMACK* You’re welcome. ;)” 4.5 stars from Melissa’s Review. (Read full VERY fun review HERE.)

“I am very much looking forward to more books in this series. Dani Worth has something special with these books and I hope she keeps on writing them.” (Full 5 star review from Wicked Readings by Tawania HERE.)


    1. Oh good! Thanks for letting me know. There is a free short story featuring Kol, Lux and Egan in the second Vignettes newsletter. Let me know if you’d like to get it. 🙂

  1. Absolutely love this series. Bought it a few years ago and have reread them a number of times and am rereading it right now. Hoping there will be more in this series soon!!!

    1. Thank you. I would like to do more–they just never picked up an audience. I did repackage them after I got my rights back on them and released them into KU under my real name, Rinda Elliott. I’m hoping they pick up an audience because I’d love to return to that world. Big time.

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