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Mutiny is a FREE Short Story in The Kithran Regenesis World

Lots of searches for the “book” Mutiny. This is actually a short story of around 5000 words featuring Kol, Lux and Egan from the first novella, Kithra. It’s a deep glimpse into how hot and loving their world is together–hopefully, a treat for those who wanted a little more of them. Sign up at the top right of my website for Vignettes. Each Vignettes features a free short story and the email address list will not be used for anything else. Also, feel free to let me know if you enjoy Mutiny. 🙂

Mutiny Released!

The next issue of Vignettes just went out. I’ve set up a page for Vignettes updates, so you can keep up with what has already been already published. It lists release dates, heat levels, characters, etc. It’s also a place for you to share any comments you might have on a story. https://daniworth.wordpress.com/vignettes/

Readers who choose the HTML version get to see the picture that inspired this story too!

Hope you enjoy this sexy story set in the Kithran Regenesis world.

Vignettes-Kol, Egan & Lux

The next Vignettes story is in critique and should be going out sometime next week. This one is set after Replicant, but features Kol, Egan and Lux.

I’ve been sending out a copy to each new subscriber, but I think there’s a choice to get past issues at signup. So, apologies if you’ve received more than one copy of Silence and Ghosts, which was set in the Crux Survivors world. 🙂

New for Readers: Vignettes!


I will be releasing free short stories set in the worlds of Crux Survivors and The Kithran Regenesis. (Possibly more when I have new series to announce…) These will be very short (up to 5k) slices of life with characters you’ve read about in the series. Some will be prequels and some might be a little spoiler-ish. I’ll put a spoiler warning at the top of each mailing. I don’t have a set schedule set up, so these will be random as the stories come to me.

The first short is called Silence and Ghosts and is set just after the end of After the Crux, so if you haven’t read After the Crux, you might want to save the newsletter for later. These were going to be “blogged” short stories but I had no idea Ross and Dorian were going to make the very first story er, too hot to post on the blog. The lovely Vivien Arend told me about Mailchimp, so I set them up as an emailer. I’m pretty excited about these. 😉

The sign up is the top black box to the right. (For those reading this on Goodreads, go here https://daniworth.wordpress.com/.)  I’ll wait until I have around ten subscribers to send out the first.

Hope you enjoy!