Thinking About Spreadsheets

Bree, half of the wonderful author duo that is Moira Rogers, has been talking spreadsheets. I need to spend some time perusing her blog, but she’ll mention them on Twitter and I must admit, I’m intrigued with the idea.(She seems scary organized and I’m a little jealous. 😉  )

Thing is, I do spreadsheets for other things. For my husband’s business, expenses, bills, etc.

I just never thought of doing them for my writing. Now, I’d planned to once that writing started to sell (AND IT DID!!!! LOOK AT POST BELOW THIS ONE!!!) because I’m hopeful that I’ll have the need to keep track of expenses.  But I’ve been thinking about creating spreadsheets to keep track of all my ideas. As you can see from this page, I have so damned many. I used to work on one project until it was done, but lately, I’ve been switching according to mood. I work on angsty stuff a lot because I just really like to read that the most, but occasionally I’m in the mood for light or funny or really, really sexy. (I worked on Raisonne Curse over the weekend and Pryor Bernaux just walks all over the screen. I learn something new about him every single time I let him take over. I kind of wish he was real…)

So, I’m going to spend a little time this week getting organized in between writing bouts. I may share more excerpts later in the week, but until then, go back to the last post and look! Kithra sold to Samhain!


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