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Important Info and Crux Survivors Is Back Out!

I’m hard at work getting my Dani Worth books back out. I originally set up a pen name for my erotic work because I also wrote young adult and my children were young. They aren’t now and because I realized I enjoy writing sexy books more than anything else, I’m merging all my work under my name Rinda Elliott.

If The Kithran Regenesis and Crux Survivors series pick up an audience this time around, I will continue them. I adore these worlds and characters and look forward to diving back in. Unfortunately, while I do write what I love, this is also my career, so I couldn’t continue books that didn’t sell many copies.

So, I’m putting all of these into Kindle Unlimited for hopefully, a new breath of life. They’re also getting new covers. Isn’t this gorgeous?? (It’s by Sloan J Designs!) And the compilation is already available! It will be coming out in print, too. 😉 With the exception of a few more updates, this blog won’t be getting update anymore. For news, the best place to follow me is in Facebook as Rinda Elliott and a few other places. I’m mostly active in the Facebook group Unbreakable Readers I share with the co-author of my Unbreakable Bonds series. These are the books that have taken most of my focus over the last two years. Big, sexy MM romantic suspense books. And I have a lot more of those coming.

But Crux Survivors is back out and in Kindle Unlimited! Click the cover to see.

Kit Rocha, Pen Names, Crux Survivors and a Snippet!

Though I did say I had to set both this series and The Kithran Regenesis series aside, I didn’t mean this was a permanent situation. In fact, I’m finding myself working on both in between other contracted projects. I also write as Rinda Elliott. Dani Worth is the pen name I used for my more erotic work and it’s possible I’ll be blending the two names in the future now that my kids are older. They were the main reason for having the two writing names when I first started publishing these. (Plus, I write YA as Rinda. )

But I have a book coming out in July called Raisonne Curse and it’s a spicier Rinda m/f book. Click on the cover to read the blurb and a long, sexy sneak peak!


Because most of my Dani books are m/m/f with one m/f, I don’t want readers thinking I separated the names because of the alternative relationships. I didn’t. I honestly don’t even like calling any love story alternative. To me, they’re love stories whether they are m/f, m/m/f, m/m… you get my drift. In fact, I may be coming out with a m/m romantic suspense series I’m co-writing with another author and it’s possible I’ll be doing those as Rinda. (Yeah, I’m teasing.) Like I said, my kids are older now and they certainly know what I write now and don’t care. They are also old enough to deal with local fall out over mom’s love for ALL kinds of love stories. 😉 My kids are independent, open and strong-minded, loving and wonderful–luckiest mom ever!

So, I’m getting some curious readers here lately and I’m pretty sure it’s because of the very fun bundle of post-apocalyptic stories I’m in with the new Kit Rocha release Beyond Innocence. Out today!!! Man, I love their covers–check this one out! Click on it to go to Amazon for the blurb!

beyondinnocence-400The bundle is a part of this fantastic contest called Love After the End of Things and it includes a Kindle loaded with 13 post-apocalyptic romances including my After the Crux. Click here to enter!

So any readers who enjoy After the Crux and end up reading the sequel Sole Survivors, I just wanted you to know there will be more books in the series. I had to set them aside to handle an apocalyptic YA trilogy contract with Harlequin Teen and a couple of other projects, but they will happen. Especially if interest in them picks up. In fact, here’s a short snippet in the rough of Tripp and Cad from the first two books.  Crux #3 snippet.