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Replicant-One Week!

I am both excited and nervous about the release of Replicant next week. I really enjoyed writing this novella. My agent and editor both enjoyed it, but nobody else has read it. So yeah, nerves are chewing on me a bit. I’ll probably be haunting Goodreads for a couple of weeks after release to catch reader reactions.

This can be a good and bad thing. Realistically, every author knows that not everyone likes every book.  I’m glad it’s that way because as I’ve said before, this world would be a boring place if we all liked the same things. But again, I’ve written a niche book.

A menage.

A space opera.

A novella.

One really messed up heroine.

There’s a scene in this novella that wasn’t planned. It didn’t creep up on me, but slammed into the writing process, took me by surprise and I’ll warn you… made me cry.  But again, this is a story about loss and about love. I’m growing to love this Kithran world I’m building. 🙂

BTW, the end process in this book was tight, so I didn’t have early eARCs to send to reviewers. If any reviewers happen to catch this post and are interested in reviewing Replicant, feel free to let me know. I will have a few on hand within a few days.


I have a cover!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This isn’t the official blurb yet. It’s mine. 😉

Spaceship captain Lux Moyans is currently piloting missions for The Company–exploring new galaxies, searching for the next precious metal. When her second-in-command, Kol Frega, informs her they’ve been ordered to Kithra, she’s furious. A year on an uninhabitable planet? She’ll only be flying on supply missions! But the ship–the one Kol designed–is the only one that can withstand the planet’s gases…and Lux is one of the few pilots who can navigate the debris fields caused by the explosions that killed most of the planet’s Gwinarian race.

Kol is the engineer who originally learned to manipulate the indestructible metal on Kithra, so he and a surviving Gwinarian will be her only company on planet. When they pick up Egan Lothbrun, Lux knows there will be trouble. Already something is brewing with Kol and her attraction to both men would be a problem with anyone else. But Lux doesn’t do exclusives. Yet, when she learns Kol and Egan share a painful past, she realizes getting Kithra livable won’t be her only challenge. Keeping her heart intact might be harder.

Sequel Mania

I don’t normally write a sequel for an unsold piece of work, but I thought Kithra might be going somewhere so I wrote a quick proposal (3 chapters & synopsis) for book two to hopefully sweeten the pot.

I moved on to other work but kept going back to write a little more…then a little more.

Earlier this week, I was 30k into revising a category romance I wrote a few years ago when I was hit by the “I know how that ends for them” bug. I couldn’t resist. Entered the ZONE.

8k on Tuesday

8k on Wednesday

I wrote the end on The Replicant last night. I have to go through and flesh out that last 16k but OMG, I love finishing a draft–any draft. There’s a euphoria that takes over when you hit that zone and the characters basically write the story themselves. And I KNOW the replicant himself in ways I hadn’t in the beginning, so I get to go back through and add all that loving detail that makes a story good.

Man, I hope others enjoy this one as much as I do. 🙂