Living in the Real World & Some Great Reviews

Some authors feel we should keep some of the behind-the-scene realities away from readers, some share everything–some even share too much, in my opinion. LOL. I’m sort of somewhere in the middle. But, I also feel readers deserve to know whats going on when a series they love abruptly slows down. I had to do that with both The Kithran Regenesis and Crux Survivors.

But they certainly are NOT over.

I’m always hoping that something will breathe some life into these series, which is why I’m happy when new reviews pop up. I absolutely LOVE writing these books and the last one in Kithra, REDEMPTION,  will be another long and emotional roller-coaster like ORIGIN. The next Crux Survivors is already partially written and it will be the same.

I had to set these aside because there just aren’t enough readers for them. When we spend the months writing, revising, editing, and promoting and a book doesn’t pass a couple hundred in sales, the writer is basically going into the hole. It would be cool if we could write books without having to worry about income, but that’s not living in the real world. And unfortunately, a lot of the real world still feels it’s okay to share e-copies of our books online. I’ve actually seen a book that has only sold 200 copies get downloaded illegally more than that on one site alone. It’s heartbreaking, but this is an ongoing battle that will hopefully end in a solution before a lot of really talented authors have to quit giving us the stories we love. As you can see, I’m a reader, too. Big time. This worries me from that standpoint as well.

But as for my two sexy series with Samhain–these are heavy niche stories. Space opera, m/m/f menage (mostly), post-apocalyptic… So, the readership is already going to be small. I do believe, however, there are more readers out there who might enjoy them. It’s just a visibility issue. That’s why I get pretty excited when a new reviewer finds some joy in my stories and shares.

Recently, Red Hot Books has reviewed all four of the books so far in The Kithran Regenesis, so I’m sharing the last one. I really enjoyed writing Origin–loved that I made the book more than twice as long as the first. It gave me the opportunity to really delve into the characters. Seemed this reviewer agreed.


The best thing fans of a series can do is help spread the word. Put out reviews–especially at Amazon, blog about the books, tweet. It’s word of mouth that gives a series life. So thanks to all the readers who have done this with my books. You guys rock!



I’d like to thank the readers who are adding my books to all those fun lists on Goodreads. I’m a reader who uses those lists like crazy and have found more wonderful authors than I could have without them, so I’m a fan. To see so many of my books showing up with votes on them is…well, it’s thrilling.

Hang with me. There are more Dani books coming in both the Crux Survivors and The Kithran Regenesis series. I had a bit of a shuffle with projects because I changed editors and I also publish books under my own name, Rinda Elliott. I have an urban fantasy series out and I will soon be making a really exciting announcement about another project. But I love writing my erotic novellas. Okay, they are turning into longer pieces at this point. Just check out Catalyst. 😉

I went through and voted on a few. Not any of the ones with “best” in the title because that seems dishonest because they’re my own books. LOL. But the descriptive lists work. I’m happy some of my Dani books have made some “best of” lists. 🙂 Anyway, thanks for the votes. You rock!!!!!!

Odds and Ends


I took the weekend off. Been spending a little too much time dealing with home stresses, so my family enjoyed the weekend together. We put up a tree, enjoyed the warmth of hot soup and a roaring fireplace while the cold wind and rain rattled the house, and the Scot and I attended a wine share and ate at a FANTASTIC restaurant.

I played Skyrim. Am loving this game!

So, in writing news, I set up a quick author page at Amazon here. I can’t wait to see more books there! REPLICANT (sequel to Kithra) is due out sometime in March and I have another sale I can’t yet share because I’m waiting details.

And speaking of Kithra, it has received a few wonderful reviews at Goodreads. I admit, I haunt the net looking for readers who enjoyed the novella and I’m really enjoying the descriptions. So far, the only real complaint is the length. It is a novella–as will be the sequels. But, there will be longer books, too. 😉

I’ve set some lofty writing goals this week, so I’ll be checking in periodically with updates.

It Falls On Deaf Ears

I’m getting a lot of searches from people looking to download Kithra and now Replicant free. I truly wish you could understand what this does to an author. I’ve worked years to publish and in the last few, my family has suffered in this economy. I love to write and yes, I do it for the love, but it has also become a way for me to support my family.

I have Google Alerts set up in the hopes of running across a good review or two and every morning, I’m waking up to sites that have put my book up for free. I’ve seen the arguments–that these people wouldn’t have bought the book anyway. That I should be happy people are interested in my work. Sure, I’m happy people want to read my book, but watching people steal takes away all that pleasure. And it is stealing. I’ve seen more free downloads on one site than books I’ve sold.

There is no justification for that–not when the book is available at such a low price and it’s available all over the world. I know this won’t help, that it falls on deaf ears. I’ve been told to just learn to deal with this and I’m sure I will. But the “in your face” disregard for my hard work is just a little painful right now as I watch so many have so little respect for the work it takes to write.