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Important Info and Crux Survivors Is Back Out!

I’m hard at work getting my Dani Worth books back out. I originally set up a pen name for my erotic work because I also wrote young adult and my children were young. They aren’t now and because I realized I enjoy writing sexy books more than anything else, I’m merging all my work under my name Rinda Elliott.

If The Kithran Regenesis and Crux Survivors series pick up an audience this time around, I will continue them. I adore these worlds and characters and look forward to diving back in. Unfortunately, while I do write what I love, this is also my career, so I couldn’t continue books that didn’t sell many copies.

So, I’m putting all of these into Kindle Unlimited for hopefully, a new breath of life. They’re also getting new covers. Isn’t this gorgeous?? (It’s by Sloan J Designs!) And the compilation is already available! It will be coming out in print, too. 😉 With the exception of a few more updates, this blog won’t be getting update anymore. For news, the best place to follow me is in Facebook as Rinda Elliott and a few other places. I’m mostly active in the Facebook group Unbreakable Readers I share with the co-author of my Unbreakable Bonds series. These are the books that have taken most of my focus over the last two years. Big, sexy MM romantic suspense books. And I have a lot more of those coming.

But Crux Survivors is back out and in Kindle Unlimited! Click the cover to see.

Kit Rocha, Pen Names, Crux Survivors and a Snippet!

Though I did say I had to set both this series and The Kithran Regenesis series aside, I didn’t mean this was a permanent situation. In fact, I’m finding myself working on both in between other contracted projects. I also write as Rinda Elliott. Dani Worth is the pen name I used for my more erotic work and it’s possible I’ll be blending the two names in the future now that my kids are older. They were the main reason for having the two writing names when I first started publishing these. (Plus, I write YA as Rinda. )

But I have a book coming out in July called Raisonne Curse and it’s a spicier Rinda m/f book. Click on the cover to read the blurb and a long, sexy sneak peak!


Because most of my Dani books are m/m/f with one m/f, I don’t want readers thinking I separated the names because of the alternative relationships. I didn’t. I honestly don’t even like calling any love story alternative. To me, they’re love stories whether they are m/f, m/m/f, m/m… you get my drift. In fact, I may be coming out with a m/m romantic suspense series I’m co-writing with another author and it’s possible I’ll be doing those as Rinda. (Yeah, I’m teasing.) Like I said, my kids are older now and they certainly know what I write now and don’t care. They are also old enough to deal with local fall out over mom’s love for ALL kinds of love stories. 😉 My kids are independent, open and strong-minded, loving and wonderful–luckiest mom ever!

So, I’m getting some curious readers here lately and I’m pretty sure it’s because of the very fun bundle of post-apocalyptic stories I’m in with the new Kit Rocha release Beyond Innocence. Out today!!! Man, I love their covers–check this one out! Click on it to go to Amazon for the blurb!

beyondinnocence-400The bundle is a part of this fantastic contest called Love After the End of Things and it includes a Kindle loaded with 13 post-apocalyptic romances including my After the Crux. Click here to enter!

So any readers who enjoy After the Crux and end up reading the sequel Sole Survivors, I just wanted you to know there will be more books in the series. I had to set them aside to handle an apocalyptic YA trilogy contract with Harlequin Teen and a couple of other projects, but they will happen. Especially if interest in them picks up. In fact, here’s a short snippet in the rough of Tripp and Cad from the first two books.  Crux #3 snippet.

Living in the Real World & Some Great Reviews

Some authors feel we should keep some of the behind-the-scene realities away from readers, some share everything–some even share too much, in my opinion. LOL. I’m sort of somewhere in the middle. But, I also feel readers deserve to know whats going on when a series they love abruptly slows down. I had to do that with both The Kithran Regenesis and Crux Survivors.

But they certainly are NOT over.

I’m always hoping that something will breathe some life into these series, which is why I’m happy when new reviews pop up. I absolutely LOVE writing these books and the last one in Kithra, REDEMPTION,  will be another long and emotional roller-coaster like ORIGIN. The next Crux Survivors is already partially written and it will be the same.

I had to set these aside because there just aren’t enough readers for them. When we spend the months writing, revising, editing, and promoting and a book doesn’t pass a couple hundred in sales, the writer is basically going into the hole. It would be cool if we could write books without having to worry about income, but that’s not living in the real world. And unfortunately, a lot of the real world still feels it’s okay to share e-copies of our books online. I’ve actually seen a book that has only sold 200 copies get downloaded illegally more than that on one site alone. It’s heartbreaking, but this is an ongoing battle that will hopefully end in a solution before a lot of really talented authors have to quit giving us the stories we love. As you can see, I’m a reader, too. Big time. This worries me from that standpoint as well.

But as for my two sexy series with Samhain–these are heavy niche stories. Space opera, m/m/f menage (mostly), post-apocalyptic… So, the readership is already going to be small. I do believe, however, there are more readers out there who might enjoy them. It’s just a visibility issue. That’s why I get pretty excited when a new reviewer finds some joy in my stories and shares.

Recently, Red Hot Books has reviewed all four of the books so far in The Kithran Regenesis, so I’m sharing the last one. I really enjoyed writing Origin–loved that I made the book more than twice as long as the first. It gave me the opportunity to really delve into the characters. Seemed this reviewer agreed.


The best thing fans of a series can do is help spread the word. Put out reviews–especially at Amazon, blog about the books, tweet. It’s word of mouth that gives a series life. So thanks to all the readers who have done this with my books. You guys rock!

Cover Reveal and Official Blurb-Sole Survivors!


In a harsh new world, only she can bring him to life…

Sole Survivors, Crux Survivors, Book 2

Chase Hawthorne is on the run from a ghost. The shooting that took his little sister and scarred Chase’s face and body has left far deeper scars on his brother Tripp’s soul. Driven to pull up stakes and head for the most haunted place in Louisiana, Chase hopes to prove to Tripp there is no ghost of his twin beckoning from the afterlife.

 When he comes upon a young woman fighting off raiders, Chase doesn’t hesitate to help the first female he’s seen in years. And he tries to ignore his instant attraction, hoping Tripp will feel it, too—and emerge from his frightening depression.

 Keera has been alone too long, and Chase makes her feel things she never thought she’d feel again. Tripp may be the needier brother, but it’s Chase she wants. Scars and all.

 But letting people too close comes with risks. And as they are drawn into the search for a young man’s family, both must accept the possibility that there’s more to life—and love—than simple survival.

Warning: A hero who puts his own needs aside for family. And a woman who’s out to prove there’s no law against a man listening to his body once in a while.

Sole Survivors Teaser

Crux Survivors #2 is now called Sole Survivors and it’s due to release in January. This one was slated to be a novella, but the story kept going, so it’s nearly twice the length of After the Crux. The best part? You get lots of Dorian, Ross and Jenna as secondary characters. I’m still pretty nuts about that trio. 😉

So, here’s a small teaser to grab your interest. 😉

divider red small

When Jenna didn’t say anything else, Keera looked back to find affection shining from her eyes as she looked across the fire.

Ross had buried his face in Dorian’s neck and the younger man, eyes closed, had turned just enough to rest his cheek on Ross’s forehead. Her stomach tightened, warmth flooded her chest. The love coming off this trio touched her.

“Do you ever get jealous?” Keera bit her lip when the question popped out.

“You’d think I would, but I don’t. We just fit. I know the both of them love me as much as they love each other. But the um…intimacy with Ross is still pretty new.”

“What do you mean? I thought you said you’d been together most of your life?”

“We have. But Dorian and I were together sexually for years before the relationship changed. Ross thought of himself as our protector, felt he didn’t have any right to want us that way.”

“What changed his mind?”

Jenna chuckled. “We didn’t play fair. He didn’t have a chance. My only regret is not doing something like that five years ago. So, you’ll have to excuse us. We’re still in the honeymoon phase.”

Keera could not imagine what it would be like to have two men like that in her bed, but her mind instantly threw up an image of her in bed with Chase. She went hot. So hot, she worried her flush couldn’t be explained away by the fire. Clearing her throat, she abruptly stood. “Will you excuse me a moment? There’s a lot of steam coming off that gumbo, so I’m sure it’s ready. I’m going to grab some bread. It’s flat bread, but I made a lot yesterday.”

“Sure.” Jenna didn’t look at her though. She was too busy getting up to walk around the fire to snuggle in with her men. Keera glanced at Tripp and Cadmar, found them still talking.

She turned and walked toward her home, leaves crunching under her shoes as she sped up when she reached the warehouse door. She walked inside, took the stairs two at a time and then stopped dead in the hallway once inside the apartment.

The shower was on.

Her imagination went wild, throwing out images of that scarred, scruffy man in her shower. Naked.

Steam trickled from under the door as the smell of her homemade honeysuckle shampoo filled the hallway. When she’d extracted the oils from the flowers, she’d never expected their scent would turn her on at some point.

She closed her eyes and leaned her head against the wall. She wanted to see him in her shower so badly, her hands tightened into fists. The water shut off and she couldn’t make her feet move, couldn’t scurry back down the hall so he wouldn’t know she’d sat out here smelling the air like a fool. It was like she’d stepped in wet cement that had dried instantly and kept her feet planted.

The door opened and she heard his intake of air, felt his gaze on her. She closed her eyes, didn’t turn to look.

“Thanks for letting me use your shower. It’s been a long time since I’ve bathed in hot water. I’m not sure there’s anything nicer than—”

He broke off and she finally looked up at him. He’d put on the pair of sweats and the long-sleeved thermal shirt she’d given him. The pants were a little big, so they hung low on his hips, revealing a strip of skin at the top that made her mouth go dry. A trail of light brown hair, the same color as his beard looked soft, intriguing. She forced her gaze up, enjoying the muscles revealed by the slightly too small shirt. Dax’s pants worked, but her father had been a lot smaller than Chase. “I should have given you one of Dax’s shirts too. Or others. We stored a lot of clothes. There are a bunch in the car ready to be loaded into your RV. These were already in here…” she trailed off, realizing her nerves were making her rattle at the mouth.

“This is perfectly fine.”

That it was. The shirt showed the muscles of his arms and chest off nicely. Before she could think to stop herself, she walked toward him until the scent of honeysuckle shampoo and warm, just-showered male was so strong, so heady, she had to stop and just breathe him in.

“Keera?” His voice had a slight growl to it.

This turned her legs to jelly and she took that last step until their bodies touched. She looked up to find his eyes narrowing, his breaths coming faster and those beautiful, sharp blue eyes locked on her mouth. She licked her lips and he groaned, then gripped her upper arms. Not hard, but tight enough she knew she’d have to pull hard to get away.

She stood on her toes at the same time he lowered his mouth.


I’d like to thank the readers who are adding my books to all those fun lists on Goodreads. I’m a reader who uses those lists like crazy and have found more wonderful authors than I could have without them, so I’m a fan. To see so many of my books showing up with votes on them is…well, it’s thrilling.

Hang with me. There are more Dani books coming in both the Crux Survivors and The Kithran Regenesis series. I had a bit of a shuffle with projects because I changed editors and I also publish books under my own name, Rinda Elliott. I have an urban fantasy series out and I will soon be making a really exciting announcement about another project. But I love writing my erotic novellas. Okay, they are turning into longer pieces at this point. Just check out Catalyst. 😉

I went through and voted on a few. Not any of the ones with “best” in the title because that seems dishonest because they’re my own books. LOL. But the descriptive lists work. I’m happy some of my Dani books have made some “best of” lists. 🙂 Anyway, thanks for the votes. You rock!!!!!!

Still Buried!

CATALYST took an unexpected turn and I had to cut a lot and then add a lot, and because my deadline is in sight, I’m buried. This one is longer than the first two in the series. It’s still not a full length–like my Dweller series with the first coming in at 105k–but it’s one of my longer novellas. Borders on category length. Jacks, Vala and Bastian can’t keep their hands off each other!

So, this is a quick stop to let you know that I’m working hard and hoping to have some more news for you soon! BTW, you all just rock. You do! I’m thrilled that readers are signing up for Vignettes and so far, a few have let me know they liked the story. These won’t be long stories–just glimpses of characters you’ve come to know in my series. The first was kind of sexy, eh? Gotta love Ross and Dorian. One of the upcoming stories is already three times as long as the first, so these will definitely be random and hopefully, fun. 😉

Oh! I wanted to say that whenever new subscribers join, I send out the first Vignettes issue, so nobody misses out.

I will return soon when I have updates. Until then, that image above? Just a little hint into the world of CATALYST, vol 3 in The Kithran Regenesis.