I’d like to thank the readers who are adding my books to all those fun lists on Goodreads. I’m a reader who uses those lists like crazy and have found more wonderful authors than I could have without them, so I’m a fan. To see so many of my books showing up with votes on them is…well, it’s thrilling.

Hang with me. There are more Dani books coming in both the Crux Survivors and The Kithran Regenesis series. I had a bit of a shuffle with projects because I changed editors and I also publish books under my own name, Rinda Elliott. I have an urban fantasy series out and I will soon be making a really exciting announcement about another project. But I love writing my erotic novellas. Okay, they are turning into longer pieces at this point. Just check out Catalyst. 😉

I went through and voted on a few. Not any of the ones with “best” in the title because that seems dishonest because they’re my own books. LOL. But the descriptive lists work. I’m happy some of my Dani books have made some “best of” lists. 🙂 Anyway, thanks for the votes. You rock!!!!!!


Still Buried!

CATALYST took an unexpected turn and I had to cut a lot and then add a lot, and because my deadline is in sight, I’m buried. This one is longer than the first two in the series. It’s still not a full length–like my Dweller series with the first coming in at 105k–but it’s one of my longer novellas. Borders on category length. Jacks, Vala and Bastian can’t keep their hands off each other!

So, this is a quick stop to let you know that I’m working hard and hoping to have some more news for you soon! BTW, you all just rock. You do! I’m thrilled that readers are signing up for Vignettes and so far, a few have let me know they liked the story. These won’t be long stories–just glimpses of characters you’ve come to know in my series. The first was kind of sexy, eh? Gotta love Ross and Dorian. One of the upcoming stories is already three times as long as the first, so these will definitely be random and hopefully, fun. 😉

Oh! I wanted to say that whenever new subscribers join, I send out the first Vignettes issue, so nobody misses out.

I will return soon when I have updates. Until then, that image above? Just a little hint into the world of CATALYST, vol 3 in The Kithran Regenesis.