Cut and Run Series

I recently introduced a good friend to the M/M Cut and Run series by Abigail Roux. She’s a writer–one with a very popular series–but she hadn’t read a lot of erotic books with bisexual characters before she’d picked up my first two Kithran novellas. In fact, she hadn’t read a (doesn’t this feel like it should be an?) m/m/f menage book at all before and she just loved them. She’s still one of my biggest fans, which is fun. But we’ve become friends now.

(BTW, she was so inspired, she’s now written a wonderful contemporary m/m/f menage! Seriously, it’s good.)

So, we’re chatting and I’m telling her that I truly love this Cut and Run series. I reread the books…even joined a Goodreads group for their fans. She gave the first a try about two weeks ago. She’s in the reread stage already. There are 8 books out. Ten and a novella if you count the spinoff series, which I do. The emails have been hilarious and I’ve been called evil for introducing her to the illness.

Good times.

But I’m thrilled. Thrilled that I helped a reader discover a new series to love. So, I thought I’d throw up a blog post to my readers who may not have discovered the books yet.

You can check out the books, see reviews and reading order here. And um…welcome to the sickness!

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