Surprise- Snippet in the Rough

Crux Survivors #3 has no title yet. I’ve always come up with titles fast in my books and this one is being elusive. The story, however, is not. I have a feeling this is going to be the sexiest, most emotional Crux story yet. And today, I’m sharing a tiny rough draft snippet. Because I’m a tease. 😉

Log house










Cad’s hair slid forward. He’d let the blond strands grow out even more—they touched his shoulders now—and the sun had put light streaks throughout. Tripp couldn’t see his expression, could only see those pouting lips and something took him over, something he never would have expected. He ducked his head, looked up into the shadow of Cad’s face, darkened by that fall of hair on either side. “What’s going on with you, huh?”

Cad shut his eyes, clenched his lips even more.

Even if he’d wanted to, Tripp couldn’t have stopped his next slight movement closer. Those lips called to him. Tightened his chest, sent blood south. He stared at Cad’s mouth and tried hard to back away. The guy had been through hell, had been forced to do things against his will. It had been some time ago, but Cad still sometimes made noises in his sleep–ones that awakened Tripp all the way across the room. Sounds that reminded him that Cad needed anything but Tripp’s messed up libido problems right now.

It took everything Tripp had to take two steps back. He put his palm on the log wall of the cabin, closed his eyes tight and tried to reign in the harsh breaths that had taken over his lungs. He’d grabbed Mac and kissed her, knowing what she’d gone through, and had felt the fires of guilt ever since. He still wondered if that kiss had made her take off that last day at Cad’s farm. And now, he wanted to kiss Cad. Wanted to run his tongue over that full bottom lip, wanted to put his fingers on the new muscles revealed by the ridiculously ripped T-shirt.

Since when did he want to make out with his best friend?

“Tripp?” Cad’s voice, hesitant, deep and velvety, brushed over him.

“Just wait, okay?” Tripp didn’t mean to sound harsh as he turned away from Cad and leaned on the warm wood. The sun beat down on the top of his head, not helping to lessen the heat tearing up his insides all of the sudden. He needed an outlet for this surge of sexual need he’d felt lately. Needed it badly. The only other single woman here at their home was Georgia and he just didn’t feel that way toward her.

Georgia, like Cad and yeah, Mac, had all been used against their will. But even if Georgia had given him the green light, had wanted to try something with him, it really wasn’t there for them. He’d seen the way she watched the other married couple, Lynn and Jake—seen them returning the looks. He’d walked in on them just last week, curled up together on the big couch in the family room, watching a movie, Lynn’s hand on Georgia’s thigh.

“I’m okay, Tripp. Sorry I worried you.” Cad’s fingers, hot and calloused from all the work lately, wrapped around his wrist.

Tripp sucked in a breath, closed his eyes tight. Maybe sharing this new cabin with Cad was a bad, bad idea.



  1. I love your series: After The Crux and the Kithran Regenesis. I’m very sad that you suspended it.I have all your ebooks from this series and I love yours mmf stories.Please dont give it up.I’m very sorry for my bad English, I’m not from E U A. I’m from Brazil.I wish you and your family the best.Thank you very much for write this stories.

    1. Your English is great. 🙂 I’m sad, too, but I didn’t have a choice. Low sales and issues with the publisher put both of these series into limbo. I haven’t given up on them and I hope once this is all resolved, I can afford to put these out myself. I love them, too. Thank you so much for letting me know my stories made you happy!

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