Today is the release of ORIGIN, volume 4 in The Kithran Regenesis series. KITHRA and REPLICANT, the first two volumes, were novellas. CATALYST was a category length romance and this one is full length. I’m overly excited about this book because I fell hard for Captain Claybourne and Anders in Catalyst and wanted to give them someone who would be perfect for them. Siri was it. She’s had a terrible life, but she’s a fighter. They see this in her and fall for her pretty hard. This romance is M/M/F, which means Clay and Anders fall pretty hard for each other, too. But we could already see their sparks in CATALYST. 😉 This can be read as a standalone, though it does have most of the characters from previous books in it. I love them all and like to see what they’re up to.

You can purchase ORIGIN these places:

Samhain Publishing. VERY nice discount there this week. $3.85 (They take Paypal.)


Amazon UK

Barnes and Noble




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