Overseas Prizes!

I signed up for Celebrate Ebooks Week at the Samhain Cafe from one to three today. It’s about to begin and I’ll be giving out three big prizes. An entire set of Kithran Regenesis books, a set of Crux Survivors books and a set of Beri O’Dell books that I write under my real name-Rinda Elliott. The Beri O’Dell books aren’t erotic novels–they’re urban fantasy. Longer and more intense, more violent and funny…and still kind of sexy. 😉

Because there are a bunch of Samhain readers overseas who can’t be there for the giveaway, I’m offering up another prize here. I’ll leave this up for 24 hours and pick a winner then. Just leave a comment telling me which series you’d like to win and I’ll have the random number generator pick.

Good luck and thanks so much for your interest in my books!

Edit: I had a couple of emails in addition to the question here and yes, I’ll leave this open to all who missed the party. So, it’s 24 hours for a chance to win a set. 🙂



  1. I’m not overseas; I just forgot about the start time for Day Four because of stupid stuff like laundry and the NHL trade deadline coverage (I’m a little teary right now over my beloved Torrey Mitchell getting traded to Buffalo)…does that exclude me? If it doesn’t, I’m leaning toward the Kithran Regenesis series, though the m/m aspects of Crux Survivors really tempt me!

    1. Hi Koozebane. Fun name! I edited the post to open it to all who missed the party. 🙂 And yes, there are m/m aspect in After the Crux and in all the Kithra books. They are m/m/f romances. The sequel to After the Crux is m/f, but the characters from the first book are showing all kinds of affection for each other. I will say, the m/m aspects of the Kithran series pick up and get a little more explicit as the series goes on. Catalyst and Origin are longer books and there is more detailed m/m action than in the first two. 🙂

  2. I’m not overseas Dani but I missed the party today so not sure if I can be included in this. I would love to read the Kithran series. Actually they all sound wonderful!

  3. Hi Dani, thanks for the giveaway. I missed most of the party yesterday, pesky work. I would enjoy reading The Beri O’Dell series.

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