New Books

I’m getting a few questions about whether or not there will be more Crux Survivors books. At this point, I do plan to write more. I’d love to write a lot more–but things also depend on sale numbers. I do apologize for the long wait between volumes one and two. I had quite a few projects–completed four+ books last year, but a lot of the hold up was changing editors and other things out of my control. Right now, I’m trying to decide who gets the next book first. Two are already in the works, with a third already outlined.

For fans of the Kithran Regenesis series, there are two books yet to come. Origin in April and then Redemption. Origin eARCs have gone out a few places, but I’m holding back sending out too many to keep it from ending up on pirate sites. However, the feedback I’ve received so far is all really great. I think others are enjoying the space pirates as much as I did. I’m still thinking of writing a few adventure novellas for them… 😉


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