Of Late & Origin

I’ve finally reached a point where I’m not slammed. I’m on deadline for one novel and one short story right now. I’m contemplating what proposals to turn in when it comes to my Dani books. I love, love, love writing these and still plan to do so, but I also have to think of what works for my career.

I will share that I’m hoping Origin is popular. It’s no secret I’m proud of this one. In fact, I fell so hard for my space pirates, I’m contemplating giving them another book or even sexy spin-off adventures. My editor at Samhain fell pretty hard for this book, too, so she might be up for something like that.

I should be getting eARCs within days and I plan to send these out early to those who would like to build up some buzz with me-if you enjoy the book, of course. Unfortunately, I’m only sending it out to those I know won’t share the books because my Kithran and Crux books are on so many share sites, it’s made my job nearly impossible. But I won’t go into that again. I set up a widget on the side to hopefully share with those who don’t understand how hard ebook piracy is on authors. Believe it or not, some don’t get it. I was at a party where a bunch of people were saying they loved sticking it to the man. Um, authors put in long, long hours for very little pay. We aren’t the man. 😉


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