Work, Work, Work!

Sorry for the radio silence. I am so busy it’s crazy. Have a deadline on one of my young adult novels that’s pretty tough with holidays going on.

In my Dani world, I’m doing revisions on Origin. My editor REALLY loved this book–said it’s smoking hot, the characters have off the charts chemistry and that it made her tear up. So, I think maybe you guys will enjoy Origin. It’s possibly my favorite of the Kithran Regenesis books so far, though I will always have a big spot in my heart for them all. I am glad I began writing these as books instead of novellas. The one thing that seems to bug readers about my early releases is the length. I truly thought there was a market for short, sexy novellas and honestly, I still like to write and read them, so I’ll probably do a few again at some point. But the worlds of Kithra and Crux grew outside the short length anyway, so these will be longer books from here on out. Okay, there is only one more Kithra book, but who knows with Crux? I already have three more planned there. 😉

Speaking of Crux Survivors, I also have a book releasing in less than a month! January 14th is Sole Survivors. I think I owe a couple of people review copies, in fact. I’d better get on that!



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