If You’re Here Because…

If you got here by searching for Dani Worth Kithra, Replicant, Catalyst, Origin, After the Crux or Sole Survivors along with mobilism, free, free pdf–please pay attention. If you enjoy books, then think about the time it took for the author to create them. Our time is worth the small price of books. Months of work and even longer with promo, etc–is it not worth the price of lunch out? Or in my case, a really cheap lunch out?

My Kithran Regenesis and Crux Survivors series are stolen on the Internet so much, they will probably not continue. I had planned a lot of books and possibly spin-offs to this world. More Replicants. But I can’t afford to devote the time to these stories because instead of buying, people are stealing  them. Copying, sharing , and downloading books free when they aren’t legitimately offered for free from the author or publisher–is stealing.  This is my job. It’s the way I pay my bills. The searches that come here constantly for my books free break my heart.



  1. What angers me the most is that people will buy a $4 cup of coffee, but they feel the need to steal a $0.99-$1.99 book. WTH is that?

    1. I wish I knew. Plus, they can reread our books, but not re-drink that coffee. I have readers coming here daily trying to find my books free and when I go out and do a search, the books are all over the place. I used to spend hours a week and even a day trying to get them all down, but they’d slap them back up the next day and spell my name differently. All that time was killing my deadlines and my mood, so I backed off, but I wish readers could understand that authors can’t continue with series they enjoy at this rate.

  2. This really makes me angry! I love both of these series, if you stopped writing them I would be heartbroken! And it’s totally unfair to your fans. Your true fans who spend hard earned money on your books. The fans who patiently wait on the next release. Why can’t these people understand that? I really hope you don’t stop writing these two wonderful series, Dani. But if you do, I understand why. It will be a great loss for your readers, but we stand beside you. Authors have enough to worry about with their writing, promotion, and deadlines. It’s sad that you have to constantly try to combat book theft as well. Whatever your decision, please don’t give up on writing. That would truly be a loss.

    1. I’m not giving up entirely yet. I want to finish them out. I had just hoped to do spin-off series and I’m not sure there will be enough interest. Another Replicant shows up in Origin and I probably won’t be able to resist giving him a book eventually though. LOL.

      But I do appreciate the fans of these books very, very much–so I may still write these if some of my other series can do the supporting. 🙂

  3. I have purchased all of your books and will continue to recommend them to anyone who I think will like them. It baffles me that anyone would have so little regard for an author they obviously like. We need to support and encourage those lovely people who create the written works we read. To do any less is below contempt.

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