Loving, Loving, Loving Origin!

Origin72lgSo ORIGIN is officially now the hottest book I’ve ever written. I originally started this series with the intention of easing into the m/m aspects of a menage romance, then changed my mind. I’m sure Catalyst proved that. (Still love that waterfall scene!)

ORIGIN was also supposed to be a short category length erotic book and I can’t seem to get Siri, Anders and Cole out of bed. Or get them to stop chasing after answers about Kithra…

Anyway, I posted an unedited snippet of one of my favorite scenes on Facebook, but think I have more readers here. 🙂

This one really gets good too. (Yeah, I’m a tease!) (There’s still the other unedited and longer scene I shared from this book up, too here. )

Warning-kind of a hot first draft snippet… with language.



From ORIGIN (The Kithran Regenesis, volume 4)

“Sometimes, I want to throw him down onto all fours, clench my fingers in that silky black hair, and hump him like some kind of animal.”

The flush that hit my cheeks didn’t creep up from my neck, it sprang fully formed and hot. With my skin, there was no hiding it.

Green eyes raked over my cheeks, down my neck to my chest. The naughty grin on Anders’ face made me squirm. “You like that. Imagined it, did you?”

Under the table, I clenched my knees together because that heat had spread all over, starting a throb between my legs that made me want to do something about it. Shock widened my eyes as I stared at Anders.

“Fuck, Siri.” He groaned, scrubbed his hands over his face before leaning back and closing his eyes. “The way you’re looking at me. You gotta stop, sweetheart. Scurry off.”

Claybourne chose that moment to walk into the galley and he came to an abrupt halt when he saw my face. “Anders, what the hell did you say to get those amber eyes so huge?”

Anders smirked, but I saw the pain that lurked behind that confident veneer as he lowered his gaze to look at the hand he wrapped around a tube of Toquerian Ale. “Nosy fucker. You’ll have to hear it from Siri.” Green eyes flicked back up to me, a challenge blazing through that hint of pain that tugged at my heart.


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