Replicant Review

I do everything for my Rinda work on one browser and do everything for Dani on another. Then I moved my Tweetdeck to the opposite browser and it has mixed me up. I posted a lovely review of Replicant to the wrong blog this morning. I’ve also had a crazy busy weekend helping my sister’s family move as well as moving my daughter and her kitty back home with us for a time. Add in the deadlines and the high word goals, and it’s easy to see why I’ve mixed things up a couple of times. LOL.

It’s certainly not a secret that I write sexier books under a pen name but now that I’ll be publishing young adult paranormal romances as well, I won’t be crossing the two author names that often. It’ll still be out there, just not as often as it used to be.

So, anyway–I ran across a lovely review of Replicant. I’m still nuts about Jarana and probably always will be. I like it when readers enjoy this novella because it was in the midst of this particular work I realized I do enjoy writing erotic stories and decided to make them longer and richer. I’d already written After the Crux and Kithra and if I’d had more time, Replicant would have been a longer novel. So Jarana will be getting more stories and is in fact a part of a Vignettes story I’ll be finishing once I clear two rather hard deadlines I have right now. I will hint that it is sexy, full of action, and I had a BLAST with the actual “Replicant” alien’s abilities. 😉

Here’s the review.


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