Fun Surprises

Followed a pingback and came across this wonderful mention of Egan from Kithra and Mutiny from author Joy Douglass.  She’s discussing wounded heroes. This brightened up my week considerably. I’m always amazed when someone gets one of my characters.


I tend to go back to the wounded hero often in my work. In Replicant, it was Jarana–technically my heroine–but she’d sort of built this tough, masculine exterior to keep people from getting too close to her soft mushy center. In Catalyst…well, take your pick. So many were affected by the explosions on Kithra. Hmm. Think I do love these sort of characters because they pepper my Crux Survivors books as well. These are set in a post-apocalyptic world–how could there not be?

I tend to always write books about people who are lonely or damaged in some way and who find love and family. It’s my running  theme. If I’m doing a series, I tend to build on those families in each book. Even if you read the books I’m publishing under my own name, Rinda Elliott, you’ll find that same theme.

I’ve got another wounded hero coming up in Chase of Sole Survivors. We’re finalizing the official blurb and I’m about to release that along with the most stunning cover. I can’t wait to share!


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