CATALYST comes out Tuesday!!!!

To celebrate, I’m doing a couple of big giveaways! You’ll be able to get a chance to win the entire set (So far!) in The Kithran Regenesis in two places. 1st, Comment here and I’ll announce a winner around 5 US Central Time on Sunday! That’s KITHRA, REPLICANT, and CATALYST. You’ll be getting CATALYST two days early in addition to free!

Also, on release day, the lovely reviewers at Scorching Book Reviews are hosting me for another giveaway of the set along with an exclusive excerpt!

There might be a third…Stay tuned…

Good luck!



  1. Would love to be in the running, please. I haven’t yet found a bookstore that sells eBooks and allows for payment via PayPal – otherwise I might’ve already bought them.

  2. I absolutely *adored* After the Crux (I’m waiting with bated breath for the next one), and now I’m dying to glom your backlist 😀 I’d love to win these books.

    1. I loved reading this, Holly! Glad you enjoyed After the Crux. Their story continued in the first free Vignettes story, btw. And it does in the second Crux Surivors novel, The Decisive Point, too. TDP features another couple, but Ross, Dorian and Jenna have really big secondary character roles. 🙂

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