Facebook and The Wonderful Community of Erotic Readers & Writers

Image purchased from Fotolia. Please don’t share. 🙂

I created a fan page on FB. I know there are a lot of readers who prefer keeping up with writers on Facebook. I am SLOW with that site because it’s not my favorite. I have a long-time page under my own name, the one I use in writing my non-erotic work, and it’s a depressing hotbed of anger, bigotry and political exclusion. Oh, and the family fighting! Blergh!

But if there is one thing I’ve noticed about the erotic reader/writer community, it’s that we tend to focus on good love stories. Yes, there is a little bigotry and in-fighting (because we are humans after all 😉 ) but for the most part the “love is love” mentality is strong when it comes to the stories.

It’s a nice place to hang.

So, I’m going to give FB another try and work to keep you guys up to date. I truly appreciate my readers and hope I continue making you happy with love stories of all shapes and sizes. In fact, just wait until you get a load of the sexy, sexy, sexy waterfall scene in Catalyst!!!

Oh, my fan page! http://www.facebook.com/daniworthbooks?success=1 ( I made the header myself-what do you think?)


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