Shorties, Longies, Angsties and Reader Questions

So glad readers seem to be enjoying my novellas and yes, I’m listening. There will be longer erotic work from me.

Check out the reviews at Goodreads. See a pattern?



After the Crux-

I was writing long books under my own name and thought it would be really fun to tackle the challenge of novella writing. I love being able to read entire stories on lazy Sunday mornings and I kept getting disappointed by erotic novellas. There are very good ones out there, but some left me feeling flat. So, I wrote a bunch of these short and sweets and okay, in the case of Replicant…angsties.

I will probably write more of them because I like them, but it will also depend on the stories. For instance, already Catalyst is longer. There is too much story for the 30k of Kithra and Replicant and well, the love scenes are just begging for more prominence. Once you meet Bastian, you’ll get it. 😉

As most know by now, Dani Worth is the pen name of Rinda Elliott. I chose a pen name for the erotic work for several reasons, but the main one is so readers will know what they’re getting when they pick up something with Dani on the cover. I also write urban fantasy, paranormal romance and YA under my own name. In fact, Samhain will be publishing my urban fantasy series and if it’s long you want, Dweller on the Threshold is 105k.

Another question I got from three different readers–and After the Crux came out yesterday, so color me thrilled they already read it–is whether or not the other characters in this post-apocalyptic novella will be in later stories. Oh yes! The second in the series features new characters with a lot of Ross, Dorian, Jenna, and Cadmar. (I know, what were his parents thinking??) But Jake, Lynn, Georgia and the kids will all be back along with a few new characters you’ll meet in The Decisive Point. In fact, each novella showcases the world as the character or characters have rebuilt it. Not everyone has been able to do as well as Ross and his family. I’ve got some hard things to tackle in some of them, too. Heavy emotional things I’m already preparing myself to handle.

How’s that for a tease?

I’m so bad.


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