A Few Days!

After the Crux comes out in a few days. I’m excited and nervous as usual. Excited because I loved writing this novella–it was my first attempt at writing an erotic novel. Nervous because I have the usual author release jitters. Will readers like it? It’s the sexiest work I’ve done to date.

I will have announcements on other work coming up but I’m waiting on final contract stuff before I share. And yes, some of it is for longer work. I do write full length novels, but I will continue to write the novellas, too. I have a thing for these short, sexy stories. They’re priced great and have just the right length for an evening’s read. Plus, they are hella-fun to write! There’s a certain challenge in getting the emotion down. 😉


One comment

  1. I can’t wait to read this!
    And I’m excited about the prospect of a full length novel but you know how much I love your novellas too 😀

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