Update & Reader Questions

Reviews are trickling in for Replicant and so far, they’ve been wonderful. Glad there are a few enjoying the novella. I loved the characters so much, they’ll be making more appearances–hopefully, in a few more novellas. Or even some book-length…who knows?

I’ve been super busy putting in another scene and changing a few things on the already sold After the Crux. Got that turned in to my editor and I’m waiting a few answers on other projects before I figure out which project needs to be slammed through next. ( I also write YA and UF under my own name, so my agent has a few projects out for me. I don’t want to overextend my deadline time while a couple of things are in limbo. 😉 )

In the meantime, I’ve been working on the project I call The Corn Mother. (This title will change because it doesn’t seem to generate the right mood. LOL!) But OMG, this book is sexy, sexy, sexy. I put up an excerpt last year showing the fun personality of my earth witch heroine. Wanna see? (This is M/F, btw)


Also, I’ve received a few questions, so I’ll answer them here.

Yeah, there might be more stories with “replicant” aliens. I fell for Maska pretty hard and would love to tackle the species from a completely different angle. Maybe a real villain in need of redemption…

Yes, I’m pretty sure there will be more Kithran Regenesis novellas. The third is already in progress, though I’m still waiting on final word before announcing it officially.

And yes, I will be writing in different genres.

Characters come to life.

Stories come.

They belong where they belong.

My interests aren’t stuck in one genre–I read across the board. So I like writing across it too. Right now, I’m on a corn farm in Oklahoma. Tomorrow, I may be on a planet abandoned by an ancient civilization.

Gotta love this job!


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