Replicant Goes Live

Replicant went on sale today! I’ve got the usual new release jitters, wondering if readers will give my prickly Jarana a chance. Maska, a man who has every reason not to do so, does. I just loved him. 😉 How about a snippet?? (BTW, Samhain offers a discount on their website this first week and they are good to go again! Replicant is also available at Amazon. Click on the cover to see.)

Ignoring Maska’s protests, Erik slid his arms under the Replicant’s legs and behind his back and lifted him from a straight squat. Impressed, I followed along. Erik was big, but Maska was taller and looked heavy. Plus, a few minutes ago, Erik was passed out drunk on my couch. He’d probably drop the man. I told myself that’s why I followed, but the truth was I wanted to watch more of their interaction.

Maska was no longer protesting, instead staring at Erik. He didn’t hold on to the blond man, didn’t snuggle—just held himself stiff and stared. His long braid slithered over Erik’s arm to brush Erik’s hip as he walked. The style left Maska’s face so clear, his sharp features looked carved from stone. Except for that mouth. Kei was right, he really did have a fantastic mouth. The top lip had an intriguing dent in the middle, the bottom lip full. Together, they were kind of heart-shaped, though he looked too masculine to appreciate the description, should I decide to share. I smirked.

Milky eyes met mine.

Shock sobered me fast when I realized there wasn’t any hatred aimed in my direction. In fact, he seemed to study me with curiosity more than anything else. His eyes dropped to my chest, and more surprise hit me when my unbound breasts responded to his look. My nipples hardened and his eyes narrowed. He stared another few seconds before that languid gaze crept back up to my face. I should have ignored the hint of amusement that curled that pretty mouth of his. Normally I would have, but there was a shitload of whiskey floating in my system. “Like what you see?” I drawled.


The simple answer carried no hint of flirting, no dishonesty. Nothing but truth. And a hint of sadness.

Frowning, I crossed my arms over my nipples.

“You’re very similar to the women Erik saw before he met me.”

“You just said I wasn’t his type. So now he’s into skinny and bald?”

He shook his head. “Broken and lonely.”

I stopped walking, frozen in place as Erik glanced over his shoulder. “Trust me, Jarana isn’t broken.”

“Then you aren’t looking closely.” Maska’s words came on a whisper, and he slumped. Erik staggered and I reached out to help. He swore and pulled Maska out of my reach.

“Don’t touch him. Just don’t.” He gazed down at Maska’s slack face.


EDIT: I’m giving away two sets of Kithra and Replicant over at The Deadline Dames Blog!


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