Replicant-One Week!

I am both excited and nervous about the release of Replicant next week. I really enjoyed writing this novella. My agent and editor both enjoyed it, but nobody else has read it. So yeah, nerves are chewing on me a bit. I’ll probably be haunting Goodreads for a couple of weeks after release to catch reader reactions.

This can be a good and bad thing. Realistically, every author knows that not everyone likes every book.  I’m glad it’s that way because as I’ve said before, this world would be a boring place if we all liked the same things. But again, I’ve written a niche book.

A menage.

A space opera.

A novella.

One really messed up heroine.

There’s a scene in this novella that wasn’t planned. It didn’t creep up on me, but slammed into the writing process, took me by surprise and I’ll warn you… made me cry.  But again, this is a story about loss and about love. I’m growing to love this Kithran world I’m building. 🙂

BTW, the end process in this book was tight, so I didn’t have early eARCs to send to reviewers. If any reviewers happen to catch this post and are interested in reviewing Replicant, feel free to let me know. I will have a few on hand within a few days.


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