Different Stories, Different Tastes=It’s All Good

Something I read has me thinking. I followed a link about SFR (science fiction romance) and landed on a blog post about romance writers who throw the science out in SFR. The post didn’t get my back up—just made me think. Mostly because I recently got a review about Kithra that said the very thing that bothered her. 😉

Truth is, I knew going into publishing The Kithran Regenesis series that true SF fans wouldn’t enjoy these books. They are written more for romance readers who enjoy a fun, futuristic setting. I wanted to write these as relationship-driven stories but I also love the idea of different worlds and races.So yes, they are more space opera than science fiction–thing is, most publishers and a LOT of readers think spaceship=science fiction. We don’t always have the option of another descriptive tag.

I love both. Was addicted to Firefly, Farscape and OMG, was my addiction to Star Trek, The Next Generation a little crazy. I didn’t discover the show until it was on as reruns. Used to race home (An hour drive that took me 40 minutes) so I could catch the show every night at six. I loved the science as much as I did the worlds. But honestly, it was the lack of discrimination in the show that appealed to me the most. I dream of a more secular future where people hold their personal beliefs dear, but don’t push them onto others. I grew up in an area filled with a lot of religious intolerance and bigotry. This is a hot button for me.

So, I wanted to write some sexy romance-based stories and I wanted to set them somewhere futuristic. To be honest, I wasn’t sure these would get many fans because they are also menage novellas. I’m hitting one niche after another, eh? But I wrote them the way they needed to be written and I can always hope there will be a reader or two (okay, okay, hopefully more) who will enjoy them.

That said, I do LOVE a good SFR filled with science. My favorite is Primary Inversion by Catherine Asaro. Loved that book so much it started falling apart from reads. But, I can also enjoy a sexy story with the focus on the characters instead of the science too. Depends on my mood.

Thing is… there’s a big, beautiful world of publishing out there that caters to many, many tastes. This is good. Can you imagine how boring the world would be if everyone liked the same thing?


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