I like novellas. Sometimes, I only have a limited time to read and I’m in the mood to finish a story. There are many Sunday mornings when I curl up with my Kindle and coffee and peruse the new novellas at Amazon.

I actually set out to write a few novellas on purpose because while some I’d read were wonderful, I was getting a lot of duds. I like a good, sexy story and so many were just… sex. I tend to like a story more if I feel an emotional attachment to the characters.

So for me, writing novellas is a challenge. It’s not easy to get a full story in 30k words, not easy to make a reader care for the characters.

Thing is, I love a challenge.

But for any readers who stumble upon KITHRA, REPLICANT, etc, and wish for longer work, I write that too. 😉 In fact, there will be a bit of news coming up about one of my longer works-which is a little over 100k. (It’s not an erotic romance, though.)  I love delving into a longer story and building character growth as much as I love the challenge of shorter work. So, I will be writing some longer erotic books, too. Sometimes, a story has to be that way. For instance, CATALYST–the third Kithran Regenesis series– is already longer than the first two in the series.

Truth is, I like writing both.

Oh, there is news! The release date of REPLICANT is April 17th!



    1. I love hearing this! Thanks for letting me know. And yeah, the other news will be something published under my own name. I’m dying to share but have to wait until contract stuff is final. Eeek!

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