Odds and Ends


I took the weekend off. Been spending a little too much time dealing with home stresses, so my family enjoyed the weekend together. We put up a tree, enjoyed the warmth of hot soup and a roaring fireplace while the cold wind and rain rattled the house, and the Scot and I attended a wine share and ate at a FANTASTIC restaurant.

I played Skyrim. Am loving this game!

So, in writing news, I set up a quick author page at Amazon here. I can’t wait to see more books there! REPLICANT (sequel to Kithra) is due out sometime in March and I have another sale I can’t yet share because I’m waiting details.

And speaking of Kithra, it has received a few wonderful reviews at Goodreads. I admit, I haunt the net looking for readers who enjoyed the novella and I’m really enjoying the descriptions. So far, the only real complaint is the length. It is a novella–as will be the sequels. But, there will be longer books, too. 😉

I’ve set some lofty writing goals this week, so I’ll be checking in periodically with updates.



  1. LOL! This is a series of novellas. Replicant is a little longer than Kithra, but it’s not full length. I am working on a series of full length sexy novels.

    But don’t worry, there is plenty of Lux, Kol and Egan in Replicant. 😉

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