Catching Up

Busy working on several manuscripts.  Replicant made it with flying colors through my agent and is now with my new editor at Samhain. Fingers crossed that she loves it. I REALLY enjoyed writing Replicant. So, book three in the series tentatively titled The Kithran Regenesis,  is now in the works! Catalyst has all new characters, but offers glimpses of characters from Kithra and Replicant. I love revisiting them all and OMG, are the characters in Catalyst hot!

I’m also still working on the first in the Brothers Bernaux trilogy (I do have a proposal together, but am waiting to submit until I hear back on three other subs I have out.) and I’m kind of jumping into the second in my Crux Survivors series, but I’m still waiting for the first to get picked up. It’s out a couple of places, but I might have to go ahead and publish this series on my own soon. I’m still a little reluctant to take that route. I prefer the writing over the cover designing and editing. 😉



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