If you want to know what AFTER THE CRUX is about, check out the blurb here. The sexy menage novella is currently on submission, but I am toying with the idea of self publishing the post apocalyptic series. The first book is more love story than action, but book two has turned into a huge mix of both. 😉

But here’s a little teaser…

“Dorian, we need to hike out and make sure our tracks are covered on the road. Jake and I were in a hurry and didn’t stop to take care of the obstacles either.”


Ross nodded and sat up slowly. Dorian was happy to see he didn’t seem to be in as much pain. Nerves snapped in his entire body but he waited until Jenna was out of the shower and wrapped in her favorite red terrycloth robe. The woman did love red. She was a stunner in the color with her light hair and skin. She perched on the edge of the brick fireplace and watched him spread out towels on the end of the huge bed.

Ross watched until curiosity must have gotten the best of him. “What’s up?”

“If I’m freeing you from the confines of this room tomorrow I’m going to make sure you’re ready.” Dorian doubled up on the towels because he also planned to enjoy the oil. He couldn’t stop a slight grin.

Narrowing his eyes, Ross tugged the sheet higher as he rolled to his side. Dorian didn’t know why he covered himself. He’d insisted on wearing shorts since the first morning.

“I could have gotten up and walked out of here days ago,” Ross said on a growl. “I only stayed because you said please.”

Dorian stopped, rolled his eyes. “No, I threatened to start the wound cleaning process from the beginning.”

The corner of Ross’ gorgeous mouth turned up. “Yeah, there was that, too.” He sighed and slowly eased onto his back. “Still hurts to lay on it, but it’s nice to be on something other than my stomach. I’ve never stayed this still so long before.”

“We know.” Jenna tugged her robe sash tighter. “You’ve been an ass.”

Ross closed his eyes. “Sorry. You guys don’t deserve to take the brunt of my frustration. I’m just ready for action. I’m sick of lying here.”

Dorian sent Jenna a quick glance and didn’t miss the way her cheeks turned red with Ross’ mention of action.

“So, what’s with the towels?” A thread of trepidation laced Ross’ deep voice and again Dorian had to smother a grin. This time, nerves helped cause it.

Because this was it.

After today, Ross would be clear on how Jenna and Dorian felt and he could either go for it, or run.



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