Sequel Mania

I don’t normally write a sequel for an unsold piece of work, but I thought Kithra might be going somewhere so I wrote a quick proposal (3 chapters & synopsis) for book two to hopefully sweeten the pot.

I moved on to other work but kept going back to write a little more…then a little more.

Earlier this week, I was 30k into revising a category romance I wrote a few years ago when I was hit by the “I know how that ends for them” bug. I couldn’t resist. Entered the ZONE.

8k on Tuesday

8k on Wednesday

I wrote the end on The Replicant last night. I have to go through and flesh out that last 16k but OMG, I love finishing a draft–any draft. There’s a euphoria that takes over when you hit that zone and the characters basically write the story themselves. And I KNOW the replicant himself in ways I hadn’t in the beginning, so I get to go back through and add all that loving detail that makes a story good.

Man, I hope others enjoy this one as much as I do. 🙂



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