Tiny Glimpse of The Corn Mother

Working on several projects and a couple are really serious and HOT. So, when I’m in a goofy mood, I work on a project called The Corn Mother. OMG, this character is such a blast to write. My poor Luca–he’s a no-nonsense cop who isn’t really sure what to do with Sydney. Here’s a tiny glimpse of her personality. This is serious rough draft stuff, but fun. 😉

Excerpt from The Corn Mother:

“Earth is our mother. She provides. If she isn’t providing, rituals must be performed to appease her.”

The corner of his mouth lifted. “Appease her?”

“Did you know that type A blood is a direct mutation from human’s planting rather than from working with the mother? Changing the way we eat changed us.”

“Woman, you’ve lost me.”

Black hair swung as she turned to get in his face. “My name is Sydney.”

“Sydney, you went from ritual appeasement—a term that raises the hair on the back of my neck by the way—to blood type. You lost me.”

She rolled her eyes. “Changing the system of giving created a mutation.”

Luca held back his amusement. Took effort. She was a loony, no doubt about it. A hot, sexy loony who made his dick throb, but still as whacked as they came.

“Luca, listen. It’s simple. In order to appease her, we need to perform rituals. You see, we dig into the earth, we tear up natural roots…we aren’t polite to Mother Earth.”

“So what sort of rituals—another term that’s making me nervous, by the way—will make her feel better? Good stuff like you dancing naked under the full moon or scary stuff like goat sacrifices? I do want a good harvest, but there are lines I won’t cross.” He lifted his beer to his mouth.

“I would never sacrifice a goat. Never!”

“So then what works?”

“Ritual sex. It’s the best way.”

Lucas choked on his next gulp of beer. “Excuse me?”

“Sex. Directly in the fields. At midnight.” She bit her lip. “The midnight part is my addition but I like the night and that’s the best time with my kids sleeping. Ava’s fourteen and can listen for Aiden, but I have a baby monitor.”

“Wait.” He blinked. She wanted to have sex in the field next to her baby monitor? He bit down on his tongue to stop a grin. “So…what did you do to help my aunt with the harvest?”

“Luca, she was eighty-three!”

He stared. Stared until he could wrap his head around her answer. “Are you saying that if she had been younger…”


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