Waiting Game

I have several things on submission now, one promising possibility and I’m hoping that same possibility likes a couple of others I sent along.

Now I’m waiting and trying hard not to grind my teeth to nubs. I’m fairly bursting with anticipation and so excited about the possibility of sharing my work.

So, to try to stay busy, I’m currently working on two different manuscripts.

The first is REPLICANT, which is book two in my Kithra series. This one has three love interests in it like the first, though I hadn’t planned it that way. One alien who was supposed to be a bad guy is anything but, so I’m having to dig pretty deep emotionally to pull this story off.

The other is  THE PRUVIAN FALLOUT which is sort of a science fiction, post apocalyptic and alien piece set here on Earth. I haven’t decided where I’ll submit this one yet. It’s a M/F book and both hero and heroine are warriors from two separate races of people who have started evolving in the changed world. I have no idea if the science of this landscape is sound, so I might have to pull in some research help. Don’t know where I’ll have my agent send this one either…

You know what? I’m just going to write both the way I love them and see where they end up. 🙂


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