Visually Stimulated

I’m a highly visual writer. I search places like deviantART and even stock photo places like Fotolia for images that go along with imagined scenes. I try to find similar characters-though it’s harder to find male characters that come close to the ones I dream up. Most of my fantasy males don’t have the chiseled perfection of male models. 😉

I also find setting photographs or for some of my futuristic work, digital art. Places like Digital Blasphemy have wonderful science fiction scenes.  I take all of them and load them into Microsoft Power Point. I turn them into a gorgeous background for my monitor (and my own personal viewing, so I can’t post them) and pull up individual photos while writing the specific scenes.

If I do plan to post an image like the ones to the right, I buy them. Maybe a few are from free to use sites, but I spend some money on good images. There’s nothing like that perfect visual to get the creativity flowing!

In writing news, REPLICANT–volume two in my Kithra series–is flying out of my mind at the speed of light. I am in love with the characters and like all newly blossoming relationships, I want to be with them 24/7. Love this!

Oh…and I’m being a tease, but I might have news soon. Keep your fingers crossed!


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