Hard at Work

Book two in my planet Kithra series hit me. Or better yet, the main character slammed me upside the head with the butt of her gun. She’s a Gwinarian, one of the alien race native to Kithra, and she grew up a highly sensual creature but after losing everything, she took her over-the-top emotions and went dark. Scary dark. Now, she’s a deadly bounty hunter who works alone and plans to stay alone. She thinks she’s cold enough to handle returning to her ruined home planet to pick up an escaped Replicant.

I am so gonna mess up her world.

Psst: Wanna peak at the art that brought this character to life?


Damn, I love writing. 😉

(You’ll see that my blog theme is currently under construction, so expect changes. I LOVED the look of the old theme, but some people have trouble reading light words on darker backgrounds. So, I’m searching for the right “feel” to my little spot on the Net. )


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