Snippet Time!

Had a couple of stressful weeks working on manuscripts, making hard decisions and dealing with some personal life stuff. Sometimes it feels like you get hit all at once with more than you can handle, but it usually smooths out.

So, to celebrate things looking up, here’s a short and sweet snippet from After the Crux! I ADORE these characters, adore them so much I’m carrying them into volume two in the series. They’ll be secondary characters but it’ll be fun to show their affection through an observer’s eyes.

When Ross next opened his eyes, he  saw creamy curves. Jenna  slept on her side next to him, her breasts pressed together and nearly spilling out of her red tank top.

“Like the shirt? It’s only been the height of fashion for eighteen years now.”

Ross jerked his gaze up to her amused face.

Chuckling, she scooted down until their faces were even. That’s when he noticed Dorian’s arm around her because the other man adjusted to her movements, tightening his arm around her waist.

“So,” she whispered. “How’s your ass?

He frowned. “You know very well I didn’t get stabbed in the ass.”

“Close enough.” Her amusement faded. “It’s getting more dangerous out there, isn’t it? Maybe we should send more people on supply runs.”

“And risk losing anyone? We still don’t have enough adults here, we can’t lose too many.”

She touched his cheek. “We can’t lose you, Ross. I couldn’t bear it.”

“All these years and this is the first time some asshole got the drop on me. I promise, it won’t happen again.” He shifted on the bed, winced as pain slashed across his leg and up into his back. He went still. It was better to keep still.

“Still hurts a lot, doesn’t it?”

“Yeah. But it didn’t hurt like this before. Like I said, Dorian’s a sadist.”

“Maybe in your fantasies,” Dorian muttered. Black curls arrived before dark, sleepy eyes focused on Ross as Dorian lifted his head to look at him over Jenna’s head.

Ross held his breath. Dorian’s silky, black hair tangled with the snow-white of Jenna’s as the two gazed at him. True affection shone from both black and green eyes. “I really missed you guys.” Ross cleared his throat at the gruff tone of his voice.

Jenna reached out and slid her hand under his before threading their fingers together. “We missed you, too.”



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