Kithra is done and off!! This is a sexy science fiction novella told in first person from a mouthy ship’s captain and pilot. I had a BLAST writing Lux and I fell in love with Kol and Egan right along with her.  Here’s a clip from the opening.

“Who’d you piss off this time, Lux?”

I didn’t look up from the flight logs. Didn’t feel like meeting the gaze of a man who really didn’t deserve the struggles my insolence reaped. I smirked and crunched on a piece of celery. Actual celery—not that shit-poor excuse of fake stuff our simulator coughed up. What I wouldn’t give for some kind of cheesy spread to put on it, but the crew had eaten through all the non-healthy stuff.

The table wobbled as Kol settled his considerable bulk onto the bench across from me. The man was over six feet of heavy muscle and he dwarfed the small break room—our idea of a kitchen with two bolted down bench tables and two simulators. “Guess I should have asked if there’s anyone you haven’t pissed off.”

“Probably not.” I looked up and frowned at my second in command, noting he wore casual clothes, his black hair sliding loose to his chin. I didn’t often see him like this and it startled me at first. Swallowing back the sudden lump in my throat, I gestured at the other piece of celery. “Lex Luther trying to pull us off this seek mission again?”

He grinned and picked up the vegetable. I ignored the twisting in my gut as that intriguing groove along the side of his mouth deepened. Yeah, it was there from a scar, but it sharpened his already decent face. I always got the strangest urge to run my tongue along it. I chomped my last bite of celery. You’re losing it, Lux.

“I guess Luther is supposed to be Roover?” He snapped his celery in half and handed part of it to me.

“Come on, I know it’s been centuries, but even you have to get that Rex Roover is funny shit. He’s always playing the bad guy, screwing with the cooler missions we get. He’s still pissed about his kryptonite…oops, his kithronite.”

Kol leaned forward, crossed his arms on the table. Nearly black eyes met mine and that steady, penetrating gaze did what it always did. Made me think about licking other things of his. He’d been my second for the past two years, but we’d worked alongside each other longer than that. He was brilliant. Not only one of the most intelligent geologists in the known universes, but he’d designed this wicked- ass ship out of the most indestructible metal ever found. You’d think with his design, he’d be captain, but he hadn’t balked when I’d been assigned to this ship.

Okay, I’d called in a few favors. And one blackmail.

This baby could fly and there was nothing I liked more than flying.


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