Sneak Peek from KITHRA

This is from a work in progress, KITHRA–unsold–so it’s still in rough form and will need repairs, setting details, etc. But I had a conversation with some people on Twitter about yummy angst, so I thought I’d share a bit of it for you on this Friday morning. 🙂

Hope you like!

We had a problem. Or, I did. As I watched the Gwinarian walk up the docking ramp, I knew without a doubt that this stretch of Kithra time would be hell. Something was already brewing between Kol and me, but one look at this guy had my mouth watering.

I glanced at Kol to see if he’d noticed. He wasn’t taking his eyes off the Gwinarian either.

Not that I blamed Kol. The humanoid alien was taller than us, lean like me and he moved with the fluid grace of a dancer. His hair—that Gwinarian rust red that humans paid a fortune to copy—hung loose and long. His grin was friendly, his amber gaze direct. He strolled up the ramp with a bag slung over one shoulder, somehow managing to bring brightness to the supply station despite the gun metal gray surroundings. I’d only met one Gwinarian in the past and she’d been like this. Bright. Chipper. Gorgeous.

She’d gotten on my every damn nerve while we’d been at the academy together.

This male picked at altogether different nerves. I didn’t squirm, but I did hold my breath, then let it out when he met my gaze. My first impression, after the pretty, was a very, very strong will. I’d never seen amber eyes before and knew I was staring like an idiot, but that direct gaze showed me in no uncertain terms that he considered no one above him in rank. And he didn’t run his eyes down my body either, though the roguish grin I’d noticed first made me think he’d be one of those types.

But oh man, I wouldn’t mind getting wild with this guy.

His friendliness took a backseat as his gaze went to Kol, expression turning serious. “Kol.” He nodded at the other man.

Kol hadn’t moved, hadn’t spoken. He drew in a ragged breath, so I whipped my head around to find him leaning against the wall, his normally dark skin kind of pasty-looking.

“Egan,” he whispered.

I waited, but neither man spoke more than that, just stood and stared at each other. All thoughts of partying fled my mind as worry rushed in. I didn’t know Egan, but I did know Kol and whoever this man was, he wasn’t someone Kol wanted to see. ”You two apparently know each other and it looks like we got a problem.”

Egan didn’t look at me, gaze still locked on Kol. “There won’t be a problem, right Kol?”

Without warning, Kol flew off the wall to crash into Egan. The taller man’s head slammed onto the edge of the open hatch. He didn’t seem inclined to fight back and instead something gut-wrenching passed through his eyes as he grabbed Kol’s arms to keep from falling.

Kol looked like he was struggling to find words and I couldn’t breathe, could only stand there, frozen, and watch as years-old, heavy emotions ripped through both men.

“You’re alive.” Kol bit the words through clenched teeth. He wrapped one hand around the Gwinarian’s throat and I knew the alien could easily fight Kol off. That’s what kept me from wading in–I wanted to know why. I was used to being captain, to settling disputes, giving orders, but there would be no captains on this trip. We held the same rank in the Company. Of course, if they started duking it out, I’d dive in and help.

“If you’d pull your hand off my throat and give me a few minutes to explain?” Egan lifted one hand and slid it around Kol’s neck. It was an obvious caress. Kol’s black hair had come loose and it fell around the Gwinarian’s hand even as Kol closed his eyes.

Holy shit. Had they been lovers?

Color me shocked. I would have never in a million years, thought Kol swung that way. Or that it could have me flushing hotter than I’d ever thought possible.

This is new.

But Kol didn’t give Egan a chance to explain. He let the man go and the raw anguish ripping though him had me rushing forward to touch his arm. “Kol?” But he only shrugged me off, his breaths harsh as he glared at Egan. He made a noise that sliced into my heart with razor-sharp precision. A soul-deep sound that apparently tore into the other man, too, because the hesitant smile he’d pulled up, fell.

Without even a glance at me, Kol turned and smashed his hand on the door panel to slide it open. He didn’t look at Egan again as he stalked through.

Stunned, I crossed my arms and turned to the alien. “I don’t know you, but I’ve spent years working alongside that man and have never seen him react that way to someone. I take it you knew each other on Kithra.”

The Gwinarian had been staring at the door, but he turned that amber gaze back to me. ”I didn’t let the Company tell him my name on purpose. He never would have come—never agreed to the stay on Kithra.”

“So, you were…were—” I didn’t know how to phrase the question without sounding nosy or rude.

“We weren’t what you were thinking. Kol was married to my best friend, Rula.”

I placed a hand on my churning stomach to calm it. I’d known Kol had been married once, it had been on his chart. But I hadn’t known he’d married a Gwinarian. That explained a lot. To have held that kind of brightness against you only to lose it?


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